RABA’s 2019 Field Day

The Richland Area Beekeepers’ Association will hold their 2019 Field Day on Saturday, May 11 from Noon to 4 PM at Dave Duncan’s Crestline OH bee yard.  The rain date will be Saturday, May 18. Bookmark this page for updates.

Field Day is a hands-on opportunity to work and learn in a live apiary.  And it’s a special rite of passage for our graduating ‘newbees’.  🙂  Curiosity is encouraged! You will see demonstrations of hive smoker lighting, different smoker fuels, opening a live hive, inspecting and testing for mites, swarm capture, etc. And if we are able to find a bee log, we will demonstrate how to open it and move the bees into a hive box.

Burgers and hot dogs will be provided.  Please bring a chair, a side dish to share, and your protective gear. The event is free for active Richland Area Beekeepers’ Association members, but you can join RABA for just $15 a year.

Dave Duncan’s Crestline OH bee yard is located across from 1042 State Route 181. However, parking is very limited so last year we parked behind Central Ohio Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, LLC‘s Crestline Operations Office located at 900 E Main St, Crestline, OH 44872 along their south treeline (Google Maps) and we were shuttled to / from the bee yard. RABA will confirm parking and shuttle arrangements as the event date approaches. Bookmark this page for updates.

5/26/2019 UPDATE: Photos available! Check out the new 2019 RABA Field Day portfolio.